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Assorted Poor Jokes
Your mama so poor...

When I asked what we're having for dinner, she took off her shoelaces and said "Spaghetti Night!"

She's so poor, people run over animals in front of her house just to help with food.

She I asked her what we're having for dinner, she tried to grab me and throw me in the oven.

When burglars break in her home, they get robbed!

She waves an ice lollypop around and calls it air conditioning.

She can't afford to go to the free clinic.

I threw a stone at a garbage can, and she pops out asking who knocked.

When she begs, even fellow beggers give her money.

She can't afford to pay attention.

She uses chewing gum as a bandaid.

She just bought an immitation of a fake Rolex.

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