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Assorted Fat Jokes
Yo mama so fat.....

She could declare herself as a country.

When she gets up, it turns into night.

When she walks around, people yell "RUN RUN... Godzilla!"

When she farts the makes a crater in the earth.

When she jumps she knocks the earth out of orbit.

NASA Plans to use her to plug the hole in the ozone layer.

At any given time, there are folk running around her for exercise.

Her graduation photo has to be taken by sattelite.

She measures 38-26-36 and that's just her nose.

She creates her own gravitational pull, thus small objects orbit around her.

She sat on a Nintendo Gamecube and turned it into a Gameboy.

Her belt size is measured in miles.

When jets fly by they pick her up on their radar.

She makes the grand canyon look like a basement crack.

When she eats and she's not satisfied she eats the fridge too.

When she has something stuck in her teeth, the has to use the Seattle Space Needle.

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