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There were 3 men in a bar (a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead). They were rather drunk, and the brunette decided to place a stupid bet.

"I bet I can collect more ping pong balls than you guys in one week!" he said. The blonde and the redhead both went for the challenge and said they would go for it. One week passed by.

The brunette returned to the bar first. Shortly after he got there, the redhead walked in. The brunette asked, "How many ping pong balls did you get? I got 150!" he gloated.

The redhead said, "I got 200! HA!! But where's that blonde guy that was here? Have you seen him?"

"Nope." said the brunette.

Just then, the blonde rolled in to the bar in a wheel chair. He had tow casts on his legs, a sling on his arm, and a neck brace.

"You look like crap!" said the redhead. "How many ping pong balls did you get?"

"What?! Ping pong balls? I thought you said King Kong's balls!"

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